Help Us Help Women with children living in Shelters due to Domestic Violence & Women undergoing Cancer Treatment Feel  Beautiful & Whole!

Her New Image, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) women empowerment organization aimed at raising awareness of domestic violence and breast cancer. The organization is dedicated to empowering and creating awareness of domestic violence towards women and children globally. Her New Image stands with women living with breast cancer. We provide aid and inspire hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education, support services and fittings for breast prosthesis.

Our Vision

Is to help improve the lifestyle of those dealing with relationship abuse, family abuse, rape, spiritual and personal issues, marriage or divorce issues to give them resources they can use and apply to their daily lives. To educate them and provide them with resources such as sheltering, clinicians, clergy, social services and education grants.

Because body image plays an important role in how women feel about themselves, we aim to help improve the self-esteem of women living in shelters and her children. Partnering with licensed professionals and training schools has allowed us to assist in helping renew the confidence and self-esteem of women and children, by providing much needed personal grooming services.

We support women of all ages, in all stages of breast cancer, along with their caregivers, offering knowledge, encouragement and friendship.

Her New Image provides mastectomy fittings, breast prosthesis, mastectomy bras, wigs, makeup seminars, dietary seminars and breast exam educational seminars. We are committed to helping women suffering from cancer reclaim “Her New Image” with beauty resources and education.

501(c)3 Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer Awareness